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Buy Nesbeth Dubplates, Drops and Jingles!

Buy Nesbeth Dubplates, Drops and Jingles!

Nesbeth grew up in the urban Arnett Gardens neighborhood of West Kingston on the island of Jamaica, referred to as “The Concrete Jungle” because of high crime rates and widespread economic hardship. Throughout his childhood, music was the sun in his life, and his curiosity about using it to communicate and to offer comfort to himself and others grew as he began to experiment with recording and discover his own voice.

Nesbeth still strives to be the voice of his nation by creating music that tells a powerful story and supports his philosophies by lending his support to a variety of charitable events. In 2013 he won an award and completed a successful debut tour of the United Kingdom in September. His last single, “Ole Gangalee” has been a hit all across Jamaican radio. Early 2014 Nesbeth signed with London based Entertainment Soul Records and set upon recording his first 6 track EP for them, which will be titled ‘Victory’ and that’s the way Nesbeth is feeling right now!

Nesbeth Video Drop / Endorsement:

Nesbeth’s video endorsement for our dubplate service! Guns out this morning, Ole Gangalee and Taste Victory jingle medley!

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