Silver Cat – Dubplates, Drops and Jingles

Buy Silver Cat Dubplates, Drops and Jingles!

Buy Silver Cat Dubplates, Drops and Jingles!

Patrick Roberts, the leader and guiding mentor of the Shocking Vibes crew, recorded Silver Cat’s debut on the ‘Corduroy’ rhythm entitled, ‘Dead In Yah’, a dancehall favourite that was subsequently banned for its violent lyrics. The follow-up ‘Fowl Affair’, which proved to be his breakthrough hit, demonstrated his ability for comical lyricism.

Silver Cat’s vocal style was clearly influenced by artists such as Buju Banton and Mega Banton. In 1995, he joined Beenie Man on his second international hit ‘Chronic’. The DJ also recorded in combination with Beenie Man’s brother, Little Kirk notably, ‘Show Me Your Motion’ alongside the double a-side, ‘I Swear’/‘Dionne’.

A series of tours followed, including acclaimed appearances with the Shocking Vibes crew in Europe, the USA and the Caribbean. Throughout the 90s, Silver Cat maintained a high profile with hits such as ‘All These Girls Are Mine’, ‘Violence And Crime’, ‘Nah Go Bow’, ‘Lose Him Gal’, ‘Get Too Bright’, and ‘Use Your Imagination’ a combination hit with Cocoa Tea, Thriller U and Cutty Ranks. Order your Silver Cat sound killer dubplates now!

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