Magic Flute – Dubplates, Drops and Jingles

Buy Magic Flute Dubplates, Drops and Jingles!

Buy Magic Flute Dubplates, Drops and Jingles!

Magic Flute was born at the May Pen Hospital on the 24th of November 1992 as Joshia Beckford. He attended three schools throughout his lifetime, Old Road Basic School, Green Park Primary & Junior High and Denbigh High School.

Magic Flute Endorsement:

Music is part of his DNA as his father, Lascelles Beckford, was lead singer and guitarist for the “Crucial Vibes Band”. His mother was a backup singer and his brother, Sagitarr, is a well known singjay as well. He got the name “Magic Flute” from Sagitarr when they were younger because he always wanted a flute to play and couldn’t get one.

Magic Flute’s lost his father in 2005 and in 2012 Magic Flute was introduced to Ryan Singh of Moby’s Records by one of his friends. They have been working together since then creating positive and inspirational music. Magic Flute is hoping to leave his mark with his powerful yet melodic vocals and emotional style of delivery.

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