Beenie Man – Dubplates, Drops and Jingles

Buy Beenie Man Dubplates, Drops and Jingles!

Buy Beenie Man Dubplates, Drops and Jingles!

Anthony Moses Davis (born August 22, 1973), more popularly known by his stage name Beenie Man, is a Grammy award-winning Jamaican reggae artist. He is referred to as the world’s “King of Dancehall”.

Beenie Man found his artistic home at the Shocking Vibes studio where he continued to record singles with only moderate success in the early 1990s. His career gained momentum after a performance at the Reggae Sunsplash festival in 1992, and a rivalry with Bounty Killer began the following year after Beenie Man was accused of stealing Bounty Killer’s style and catch phrases. The rivalry was captured on the 1994 album Guns Out, with the two artists settling the feud with a soundclash. Beenie Man had his first number one single in Jamaica in 1993 with “Matie”, and he won the DJ of the Year Award the same year, the first of eight consecutive awards.

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